Direct Compressible Lactose

AlphaTab DC-250 is a Direct Compressible Refined Pharmaceutical Lactose that is in conformity with the monograph "lactose monohydrate" of the European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.). This monograph is harmonized between PH.EUR, USP/NF and JP. Identification A, B, C, D (Acc. to Eur. Ph).

Lactose is a commonly used filler in solid dosage formulas and is well known for its high mechanical strength. By agglomerating the lactose, a unique value is added to make the excipient a perfect product for producing tablets.

Using Direct Compressible Lactose is the easiest and most cost effective process to
produce tablets. Besides tabletting, AlphaTab-DC can also be used for capsules and sachets.

With a great knowhow, Alpha Nutrition is your best partner in providing direct
compressible lactose. We guarantee a high product quality with a great service. Alpha Nutrition can offer diverse quantities, to enable you to improve your production process.

Benefits of direct compressible lactose:
- High compactability
- Great stability
- High flowability
- Superior blending characteristics
- Low hygroscopicity
- Fast disintegration times