Below please find a summary of our different packing materials:

> Bags - multi-ply paper with poly inner liner for industrial/consumer use 
Sizes available: 25 kg / 10 kg / 5 kg.

Besides our private branded bags, we are also in the position to offer you original printed factory bags or neutral white/brown bags

> Sachets for consumer use
We are able to offer you aluminum foil sachets of various sizes.
Please click here for a complete overview of the number of sachets per carton
and the number of cartons per container.

> Bag-in-Box for consumer use
Size available: 500 g  (24 x 500 g per carton).
We can load about 1900 cartons per 40'container.

> Tins
for consumer use
Sizes available: 
- instant type : 400, 900, 1800, 2500 g
- regular type : 2270 g (5 lbs)
Please click here for a complete overview of the number of tins per carton 
and the number of cartons per container.

Our branded tins are being sold all over the globe and we would be pleased to ship our top quality product to your country as well. Our regular/instant full cream milk powder with vitamins A & D3 is all produced by one factory in Holland, which produces a stable and perfect quality for us the whole year round. 


In addition to the above-mentioned, we can also offer you:
> Big Bags of approx. 900 – 1000 kg net weight each for industrial use.
> Silo Trucks containing about 25 mt for industrial use.

Besides our private brands, we can also pack under your own private brand (provided sufficient quantities are ordered).

For more information about our private brands, please go to "Brands".