Despite the fact that milk powder is regarded as a real commodity these days, we are seeing more and more preference for special brands.

The products which we offer, can be packed under:
a. One of our private brands.
b. Brands of producers, that we represent abroad (factory bags).
c. Your private brand.
d. In neutral packaging with label.

Below you will find a list of brand names which we can offer on a regular basis.

Our private brands:                                 Brands of producers that we represent:
Alpha Inco
Alban Arla
Bright Dairygold
Champion Solarec
Farmer Jack  


We can offer you packing material of several sizes under our private brands. Please go to "Packaging" for an overview of all options.

In order to promote the sales of our brands in your market, we can support you with promotional material. We can offer you T-shirts, Caps and Posters on request. 
Please go to "More" "Promo" to find some examples of the items we can offer you.