A wide range of best quality and strong seaworthy export cartons is available. All cartons, contain 360 eggs packed on trays. Each carton contains 12 trays, containing 30 eggs each.

Below please find an overview of the eggs/cartons available + the number of cartons per container:

Size Type of carton   Average no. of cartons 
per 40'high cube reefer container        
Small (43 - 53 g) HOZK 1248 cartons
Medium (53 - 63 g) HOZK 1248 cartons
Large (63 - 73 g) KOZ 931 cartons

We pack our fresh shell eggs in the following types of cartons:
- neutral brown HOZK strong seaworthy export cartons
- neutral white HOZK strong seaworthy export cartons
- white printed HOZK strong seaworthy export cartons, ALPHA brand



Packing: Strong seaworthy export cartons,
always containing 360 eggs each.
Type of cartons: - Brown neutral cartons
  - White neutral cartons
  - White cartons with multi-coloured ALPHA design
Transport: In 40’high cube reefer containers with max. 1248
  cartons each (no. of cartons per container depends on
  origin and size of the eggs, however max. 1248 cartons).